File Submission

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Upload Your Files

At Southwest Offset Printing, we respect your time as well as your turnaround. As an added convenience and advantage, we provide an easy-to-use method for your file submission. We invite you to upload your files online using our fast and secure FTP server. This allows you to:

  • Save the time and hassle of delivering discs to our facilities in person
  • Avoid MAC/PC and disc format incompatibles and headaches
  • Transfer files securely day or night
  • We accept FTP file transfers and router-to-router file transfers

The very first time you will need to call us to get the password. This makes the transaction secure. Please contact Pre-Press at (310) 965-9120 for uploading instructions.

Check Your Files

Before you send us your files, please take a moment to double-check that everything has been prepared correctly. Download our general information file preparation PDF for the latest specifications.

Latest Specification

Download our current general information file preparation checklist below.


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