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Southwest Offset Printing is your go-to source for all your printing needs. Our comprehensive range of services includes high-end publications, catalogs, brochures, and digital editions. Below you will find a quick services overview. Discover more about our top-notch printing services by clicking the links below!


Upon receiving your order, Southwest Offset Printing initiates a thorough process to prepare your product for printing. Here in our 100% digital prepress department, your files are checked and double-checked to ensure that they contain all of the elements necessary for a successful print run. Elements checked during this stage include proper formatting, fonts, image resolution, image color, margins, and bleeds. Once you approve your product proof, the project is ready to proceed to our brand-new (as of Jan 2017) and state-of-the-art Kodak chemical-free plate-making devices. The plates come out of these machines onto the conveyor belt and are automatically bent and lined up according to which press they will be going to. Before leaving pre-press they will be checked one last time to ensure all content on the plates is correct.

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Our award-winning press crews operate on the best machines in the business. In our heatset division, where we produce all of our coated paper jobs (we can also run 50#, 60#, and 70# offset stocks on these presses), we utilize Goss M-600 presses. These presses come with every bell and whistle available to ensure the best, consistent quality and high throughput. We are well equipped to handle a wide range of demanding 4-color print jobs and jobs needing PMS colors, varnish, and UV applications. Click the link below to learn more!

The newspaper division at SOP is easily the best in California. The “openweb” presses in this division have 48-units each (12 towers and 18 webs) allowing us to print large page counts, loaded with beautiful color, and print it fast. They use camera systems to monitor and control color and registration, and are operated by printing industry journeymen, many with 20+ years experience. Click the link below to learn more!

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Post-Press (or Bindery)

Our capabilities include high-speed stitching with in-line inkjet (for mailing), PUR-capable perfect binding, inserting, poly-bagging, shrink-wrapping, post-it notes, and just about anything else your product may need after printing. Our advanced machines are also able to accommodate your zoning and distribution needs.

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Mailing & Fulfillment

We have an expert-level mailing division that will navigate you through the ever-changing USPS and save you money by mailing your product in the most efficient way. Our experts utilize our “smart” machines which automate the sorting/zoning process that ensures ink-jetting is in-line.

Southwest Offset Printing offers peerless, nationwide transportation service with coast-to-coast delivery capability. Our fleet of semis (48-foot), bobtails (with lift gates), and vans will deliver your product wherever you need it and get it there fast. We have also forged relationships with some trusted trucking companies for your out-of-state distribution needs.

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Whether it’s magazines, catalogs, brochures, newsletters, or newspapers, we have you covered! SOP is an award-winning print company with high-end reproduction quality and the versatility to print anywhere from a hundred copies to over a million. Choose SOP for your next project and join the long list of distinguished clients who enjoy the peace of mind that results from working with a true industry leader.