Mailing and Fulfillment

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When it comes to mailing and fulfillment services, look no further than Southwest Offset Printing. We go above and beyond to ensure that your print materials are delivered to your target audience efficiently and accurately. Click the links below to download our resources.


Zip Code Verification & Correction

  • Add, verify, or correct 5-digit zip codes
  • Improve deliverability and merge/purge matching accuracy
  • Carrier route coding
  • Add carrier route code to address
  • Maximize postal savings
  • CASS certified

Zip + 4 Coding

  • Add 4 digits plus delivery point code to complete 11 digit zip
  • Provide fast mail delivery
  • Automation compatible bar coding

Database & List Generation Merging & Purging

  • Convert and set up from any combination of hard copy, magnetic tape, or IBM compatible tapes, cartridges, tapes, disks or CD-ROMs
  • Update files with record additions, changes and/or deletions
  • Elimination of duplicates
  • Flexible system that can be customized to meet your needs
  • Automatic periodical maintenance
  • Identify, tally and/or glean records based on your prescribed search value or criteria

Merging & Purging

  • Identify and eliminate duplicates from a single list or multiple lists
  • Detailed reports to document results, soft or hard copy
  • Address standardizing
  • Standardize and collect misspellings of street address components
  • Improve list aesthetics
  • Data field corrections
  • Assign record components to the correct fields


  • Presorting for maximum postal discount
  • Automatically maximize mail stream sorting
  • Produce presort reports for postal entry
  • Tray and bag tag printing

Ink Jet Printing

  • Cheshire or pressure-sensitive labels
  • Galley lists
  • Inkjet labeling
  • Sort, bag, tie, bundle, and palletize

Ink Jet and Mailing Equipment List

  • Three (3) — Scitex 5120 Inkjet Systems
  • Two (2) — Marconi Video Jet Inkjet Print Systems
  • One (1) — Video Jet InkJet Print System Sporty 320
  • Two (2) — Kirk Rudy 215 Ink Jet Bases
  • One (1) — Kirk Rudy Cheshire Label Head
  • Firstlogic Postalsoft Business Edition V.720c
  • Firstlogic Postalsoft Desktop Mailer V.720c
  • Microsoft Visual FoxPro 6.0
  • UPS Online World Ship
  • BCC Mail Manager Software

Other Services

  • Drop ship mail to any BMC, SCF, or postal entry office location
  • Diskette or tape conversions
  • Response or survey analysis
  • Custom report generation
  • Cross-platform data conversions


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