Mailing & Fulfillment

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Zip Code Verification & Correction

  • Add, verify or correct 5 digit zip codes
  • Improve deliverability and merge/purge matching accuracy
  • Carrier route coding
  • Add carrier route code to address
  • Maximize postal savings
  • CASS certified

Zip + 4 Coding

  • Add 4 digits plus delivery point code to complete 11 digit zip
  • Provide fast mail delivery
  • Automation compatible bar coding

Database & List Generation Merging & Purging

  • Convert and set up from any combination of hard copy, magnetic tape or IBM compatible tapes, cartridges, tapes, disks or CD-ROMs
  • Update files with record additions, changes and/or deletions
  • Elimination of duplicates
  • Flexible system that can be customized to meet your needs
  • Automatic periodical maintenance
  • Identify, tally and/or glean records based on your prescribed search value or criteria

Merging & Purging

  • Identify and eliminate duplicates from a single list or multiple lists
  • Detailed reports to document results, soft or hard copy
  • Address standardizing
  • Standardize and collect misspellings of street address components
  • Improve list aesthetics
  • Data field corrections
  • Assign record components to the correct fields


  • Presorting for maximum postal discount
  • Automatically maximize mail stream sorting
  • Produce presort reports for postal entry
  • Tray and bag tag printing

Ink Jet Printing

  • Cheshire or pressure sensitive labels
  • Galley lists
  • Inkjet labeling
  • Sort, bag, tie, bundle and palletize

Ink Jet and Mailing Equipment List

  • Three (3) — Scitex 5120 Inkjet Systems
  • Two (2) — Marconi Video Jet Inkjet Print Systems
  • One (1) — Video Jet InkJet Print System Sporty 320
  • Two (2) — Kirk Rudy 215 Ink Jet Bases
  • One (1) — Kirk Rudy Cheshire Label Head
  • Firstlogic Postalsoft Business Edition V.720c
  • Firstlogic Postalsoft Desktop Mailer V.720c
  • Microsoft Visual FoxPro 6.0
  • UPS Online World Ship
  • BCC Mail Manager Software

Other Services

  • Drop ship mail to any BMC, SCF or postal entry office location
  • Diskette or tape conversions
  • Response or survey analysis
  • Custom report generation
  •  Cross platform data conversions