Digital Edition

What is Digital Edition?

SOP’s Digital Edition technology offers an integrated media solution for reaching your dynamic readership and market wherever they go. Interactive, optimized and mobile-friendly, Digital Edition maximizes and multiplies the value and relevance of your print publication

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What it Means To You

Meeting the modern brand’s need for integrated, multi-media marketing strategies, SOP can make a digital version of your print publication available online, giving readers immediate, unlimited access to your print materials within the digital sphere.

Increase Reader Engagement

With advanced e-reader tools such as zoom, active hyperlinks, touch-screen-enabled navigation, social-sharing, as well as printing or downloading capacities, Digital Edition brings your print layouts and designs to life on any smartphone, tablet, laptop or mobile device.

Maximize Print Budgets

Helping you and your advertisers to dramatically expand shelf-life, exposure, visibility and accessibility, SOP’s Digital Edition provides the online advertisement opportunities, search engine optimization, enhanced subscription base and detailed reader analytics to make the most of your print budget.

SOP Digital Edition Features

  • Onscreen digitally enhanced version of print layout design magazine issue, iphone and ipad support
  • Search, zoom, email, table of contents and other setup options
  • 24/7 online access
  • No reader client software required
  • Onscreen reader navigation flip page, zoom, print, email a friend & more
  • Advertiser ad enhancements including links, flash ads, and advertiser index
  • Table of contents, page jump control, current page, # of pages status
  • Increase earnings from advertisements
  • Get more readers who remain more loyal
  • Strengthen the online profile of your corporate image
  • Increase your official circulation figures
  • Increase sales
  • Archive your publications